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Private Event Space
1913, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home
Free Tea Tasting
April 1 from 10-5
No fooling around! This event is Fruit-a-licious & FREE...Sip & sample during our Monthly Free Tea Tasting. April brings us Fruitalicious Iced Tea.
Monthly Calendar
monthly themed tea parties, different menu, theme, decor
Private Teas
Historical homes, two locations
Living Well and Cooking with Tea
April 8, 2017
Eating well & cooking with Premium Tea
How to Find Us
How to Find the Tea Shop, Tea Parties, and Private Events
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Recipes that work well for appetizers, desserts, luncheons, & parties
Gentle Hints of Summer Tea Party
April 22, 2017
An *iced-tea tea party* to find your new favorite premium iced tea for summer!
About Us
Another new Tea Adventure, More Hours, street-side location on the Square
7 W Franklin St - Liberty, MO