Living Well with Matcha and Green Tea

Living Well with Matcha and Green Tea
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Living Well with Matcha & Green Tea

Thursday, October 12 at 5:00 pm

Come and join our small group Green Tea and Matcha workshop. Learn how all these greens make a difference in your daily habits. Matcha is nature's work out and recovery drink. A superfood with more antioxidants than any other food or drink. Learn why this makes a difference, how to make matcha and sample matcha in a couple of different ways. Not everyone drinks their matcha. Incorporating matcha & green tea into your daily routine is very easy with life-long benefits.
  • Cancer Preventer
  • Anti-ager
  • Lowers "LDL" bad cholesterol
  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxifier
  • Mind Improver
  • Fiber
  • Take an hour to get to know, understand, and enjoy incorporating these green superfoods into your daily health regimen. Tea is a big deal. Our matcha and featured greens are natural, organic, and premium. Blending & brewing demonstrations, sampling and shared recipes. Plenty of time for Q&A.

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    Order in advance or pay as you arrive. Seating is limited and workshop will last about an hour.

    Workshops are held at the Tea Shop at 9 W Franklin , Liberty, MO on the Historic Liberty Square.