Living Well and Cooking with Tea

Living Well and Cooking with Tea
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Living Well and Cooking with Tea

Saturday, April 8 at 12:30pm
Workshop to be held at 124 S. Terrace Avenue, Liberty, MO

The third and final workshop in Brenda's Living Well Workshop Series. Learn about Brenda's particular favorite "eating well habits" and how she includes tea in her cooking.

Come and join our small group Eating Well & Cooking with Tea Workshop. Discover how premium teas add health and flavor to every day foods. This workshop is for people who love food, enjoy eating and want to find out ways to start implementing clean eating and better choices.
  • Recipes - including cooking with Lapsong Souchong, Earl Grey, Matcha & others
  • Explore tea as a culinary ingredient
  • Eating patterns created from a positive life style
  • Ways food helps us work and play more efficiently

  • If you have been wanting to learn more about tea and the ways it can impact a healthy lifestyle and your own eating habits this is a fantastic place to begin the your journey.

    Take a fun - and motivating hour, enjoy cups of tea! Bring your questions. Order in advance or pay as you arrive. Seating is limited and workshop will last about an hour.
    The teashop will be offering 10% off all tea purchases that day, too!

    Tea Parties & Workshops are held at 343 W. Liberty Dr , Liberty, MO
    Visit the Tea Shop before or after your workshop at 7 W. Franklin St on the Historic Liberty Square.