Recipe Box

Welcome to our Recipe Box

We love to hear from our guests who join us at our tea tables!
At our Monthly Themed Tea Parties we receive requests for many of the unusual recipes we use. Tea party recipes are great for unique and fun gatherings of all kinds.
If you can't find a recipe that you have enjoyed at one of our tea parties please send us an email request.

Tea Drinks, Tea Slushies, and The Perfect Iced Tea
Tea Drinks
Living Well Recipes
One special recipe at every Monthly Themed Tea Party that is healthy and tasty! We look forward to adding to this recipe box each month as we move through 2015!
Scones and more
All kinds of ways to make Brenda's Signature Scones.
Ideas for adding herbs, nuts, fruits and more.
Tea Savories
Anna Marie's savories are a combination of tea sandwiches, pastries, breads, and even a few special soups!
Tea Sweets
The sweet with the cup of tea. The crowning jewels at any tea party.
Tea Party Condiments
Unique toppings for scones, breads and desserts. Also, the extras we add to that premium cup of tea.
Brewing 101:    How to brew your favorite cup of tea
How to make the best cup of tea ever.
The Terrace Avenue Inn Recipes
A Few Favorites From our time with the Inn