Tea Sweets

Item# teasweets
seriously. dangerously. good.
truly a treat to feel good about!
we served this tasty treat as our 'first dessert" at our 101st birthday tea party!
a lot of requests for this one!
enjoy with a cup of brewed Masala Chai
tart cranberries with hot creamy and sweet butter sauce
Chocolate with chocolate on top!
Slightly sweet cookie with rich creamy dulce de leche middle
Just a touch of sweet - pair with the Oolong Granita
Lightly sweet, mild oolong twist
with Cherries and Pistachios
Creamy cheesecake, not too sweet!
Pureed fresh strawberry glaze drizzled over a strawberry tea cake
An old-fashioned sweet spring cake
peaches, graham cracker crust, served with a peach tea
A spicy gingersnap crust makes this heavenly!
A little bit of effort but so worth it. Basil lover's beware...
buttery sauce that makes everything taste scrumptious!